SWS 39th Annual Membership Exhibition
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Karin Michele Anderson
"Waterlily Flotilla"

Jodie Baldwin
" Texas Camelot"

Judith Lynn Barry
" Dories At Riva del Garda"

Linda Bauer
"A Riot Of Color"

Anne Lorene Bedford
"A Puzzled Childhood"

Julianne Biehl
" Color Composition No 1"

Dan Burt
"Mucho Mexico"

Nel Dorn Byrd
" Sun Dried"
Mary E. Cadenhead
"Cyclamen II"
J.P. Castagnetti
"Shadows And Steps"

Marilyn Chandler
"A Peek At The Lake"

Delores Cribbs
"Currents II"

Marie Cummings
William F. Davis
"The Painted Bird"

Gail Delger
"Clara At 5:30"
Leah Dunaway

Jo Ann Durham
"Runic Rhymes"

Mary Anne Durnin
"Flags, Flags, Flags"
Phyllis Edmondson
"Earth Gems XI"

Toni M. Elkins
"Miro Babies: Sense of Pollock"
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