Granted a charter by the State of Texas in May of 1964, Southwestern Watercolor Society began as the North Texas Watercolor Society, founded by Reese Kennedy, its first president. As membership expanded rapidly, the organization’s name was changed to encompass a wider spectrum of potential members. SWS has grown to be an international organization and is one of the largest watercolor societies in the nation. Many of its members have attained national signature status in other watercolor societies, such as American Watercolor Society (AWS) and National Watercolor Society (NWS). Many members have paintings accepted in open juried competitions throughout the United States each year. SWS is fortunate to have many nationally know artists and teachers as members.

SWS meetings are held each month in Dallas, Texas (except June, July, August and December.) Meetings are attended by 150 to 250 people and feature a lecture-demonstration. Three to four, three to five day workshops with the nationally recognized watercolor artists are held each year. At the monthly meetings, members are encouraged to enter a painting in the “Painting of the Month” competition, sponsored by Asel Art Supply. SWS activities include: Annual Membership Exhibition, Annual Western Federation Show, Weekend Paint-outs, Workshops, Special Signature Events, a holiday party in December and various other opportunities to exhibit work, network with other artists and serve the community.

SWS aids and encourages watercolor training in area schools and colleges. Student scholarships are offered for some workshop. SWS maintains a set of color slides of past shows and makes them available to area schools and watercolor teachers for use in their classroom instruction. Members are available for lecture-demonstrations. Membership in Southwestern Watercolor Society is open to anyone interested in promoting watercolor – artists and non-artists. Signature Membership is earned by having paintings accepted in five SWS sponsored juried competitions.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Society shall be the elevation of the stature of watercolor as an art medium and the education of the public as to the significance of watercolor as an important creative permanent painting medium. The Society shall be dedicated to the highest aesthetic standards. The Society shall further the interests of painters in watercolor by its programs and competitive exhibits, and shall encourage its study by art students and others engaged in watercolor painting. The Society shall not sanction any bias among varying schools of art.

The Board

President:  Gaylord O’Con, gaylord@gaylordocon.com 1st VP, Programs: Lou Bono, Loubono5@gmail.com 2nd VP, Membership: Carmen Prince, swsmembers17.18@gmail.com 3rd VP, Workshops: Janée Reeder, janee@janeereeder.com Co-Chair: Bill Johnson, acousticdesign@earthlink.net 4th VP, Exhibitions:  Laura Drumwright, lauraleegallery@gmail.com Treasurer: Donna Mohr, donnamohr.sws@gmail.com Recording Secretary:   Marian Hirsch, marianhirsch@live.com Corresponding Secretary: Sherry Daerr, sherrydaerr@me.com Parliamentarian: Bryce Weigand, bryce.weigand@gmail.com Committee Chairs: Paint-outs:  gaylord@gaylordocon.com Professional Standards/Signature: Gail Delger, gaildelger@sbcglobal.net Public Relations: Ron Stephens, ronstephens2342@verizon.net Website: Steve Miller SCENE Newsletter Editor: …


Article I. Name and Purpose SECTION ONE: Organization Name This Society shall be known as the Southwestern Watercolor Society (“SWS” or “Society”) with Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. SECTION TWO: Mission Statement The purpose of the Society shall be the elevation of the stature of watercolor as an art medium and the education of the public …

DVD Library

Join the SWS DVD Library with a $20 deposit. Rent a single DVD at the monthly meetings (except May) and return it at the next meeting. Mary Truelove and Jan Herndon manage the DVD librarian and may be contacted as follows: Mary:   Phone: 972-235-2415, email: truluv@flash.net Jan:  Phone:  214-729-9688; email janherndonart@gmail.com   Hosmer, KenSecrets of Flower Painting …

Bits of SWS History

Bits of SWS History

SWS Hosted Western Federation Show in 2004 by Jonesy McConnell , SWS, WFW Chairman The second time SWS hosted the annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Annual Exhibition was May 21—June 13, 2004…..WFWS-29. SWS planned and held the Annual Board meeting, Delegate social activities, and Show Opening. Nationally known artist Dean Mitchell served as our …

Southwestern Watercolor Society's past presidents

SWS Past Presidents

Southwestern Watercolor Society Presidents * Deceased


Q: Is SWS strictly a transparent watercolor organization? A: Not at all. SWS welcomes all forms of water media; watercolor and acrylic as long as watercolor paper, yupo (a plastic paper) and board is used. Q: Do I have to be a professional artist to join? A: No, SWS is open to all levels of …