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DVD Library

Join the SWS DVD Library with a $20 deposit.

Rent a single DVD at the monthly meetings (except May) and return it at the next meeting.

Mary Truelove and Jan Herndon manage the DVD librarian and may be contacted as follows:

Mary:   Phone: 972-235-2415, email:

Jan:  Phone:  214-729-9688; email


Hosmer, KenSecrets of Flower Painting

Artist DVD Title
Archer, Sue Commanding Color
Ayres, Julia & Gail Painterly Printmaking with Monotype
Bagby, Anne Collage: Paper, Patterns & Glazing
Bagby, Anne Pattern & Form Advanced Collage Techniques
Baker, Linda Layers of Design in Watercolor
Baldwin, Ann Telling Stories with Collage & Paint
Baldwin, Ann Text & Texture in Mixed Media Collage
Beam, Mary Todd An Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure
Betts, Judi Louisiana Architecture
Betts, Judi Louisiana Trucks
Brommer, Gerald Exploring Watercolor
Brown, Carrie Burns Water Media Collage Workshop
Burridge, Robert Start Abstract Painting Today
Carr, Betty Capturing Limited Light with Expressive Brushwork
Cobb, Virginia Acrylic, Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image
Dalio, Carl Color Power: The Path to Visualizing Energetic Color
Dye, Sean Palette Knife Landscape w/ Water-Soluble Oils MixMed
Edwards, Sterling The Wooded Landscape
French, Soraya Dynamic Acrylics
Getz, Don Positive & Negative WC on Gesso
Grastorf, Jean Pouring Transparent Watercolor
Greer, Hugh Acrylic Landscape Painting
Haines, Jean Amazing Ways with Watercolor
Haines, Jean Jean Haines’ Watercolor Passion
Hammett, Polly Design with the Figure
Holman, Karlyn Watercolor Without Boundries
James, George Designing for Content Yupo Master Class
James, George Mastering Yupo
James, George The Artistic Process on Yupo Paper
Kemp, Linda Painting Outside the Lines
Khee-Chee, Cheng Marbleizing and Monoprinting Technique
Khee-Chee, Cheng Saturated Wet Technique
Khee-Chee, Cheng Traditional Watercolor Approach
Kunz, Jan Painting Watercolor Portraits
Leland, Nita Paper Collage Technique
Masterfield, Maxine Masterfield
Mehaffey, Mark Painting a Dramatic Landscape in Watercolor
Morris, Judy Tuscan Textures: Rich Textures Using Salt
Nechis, Barbara Watercolor From Within
O’Connor, Carla Figure Design in Gouache: The Process
Pederson, Jean Wet Glazing Watercolor Portrait
Pollard, Julie Gilbert Painting Cascading Water
Quiller, Stephen Atmosphere & Light in Watercolor
Quiller, Stephen Color Foundation for the Painter
Quiller, Stephen Mastering Color and the Plein Air Experience
Quiller, Stephen WaterMedia Techniques: Acrylic & Casein
Quiller, Stephen WaterMedia Techniques: Watercolor & Gouache
Reid, Charles Watercolor Landscape Masterclass
Reid, Charles Watercolor Secrets
Ryder, Brian Watercolour Sketchbook
Salminen, John The Urban Landscape in Watercolor
Schaller, Thomas Capturing Light in WC, Cities
Schaller, Thomas Capturing Light in WC, Landscapes
Simmons, Nicholas Innovative Watermedia
Stewart, Iain From Photos to Fantastic WC, Cityscapes
Stewart, Iain From Photos to Fantastic WC, Landscapes
Stewart, Iain From Photos to Fantastic WC, Seascapes
Sullivan, Jacqueline Acrylic: Textures, Layers & Metallics
Trevena, Shirley Breaking the Rules of Watercolor
Trevena, Shirley My World of Watercolor
Trevena, Shirley Taking Risk With Watercolor
Van Hasslet, Tony How to Mix Green and Paint Foliage
Walsh, Janet Expressive Watercolors from Floral Photographs
Warren, Soon Vibrant Watercolor Techniques Painting Water
Warren, Soon Vibrant Watercolor Techniques Painting Glass
Weaver, Pat Watercolor Simplified
Webb, Frank Using Your Head, Heart & Hand
Weigardt, Eric Painting Loosely
Whyte, Mary Mastering Watercolor Portraiture
Winton, Suzanna Step by Step Children’s Portraits
Zagotta, Donna The You Factor: Powerful Personal Design in Opaq WC
Zhen, Lian Peony & Hummingbird
Zhen, Lian Sea Turtles