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Q: Is SWS strictly a transparent watercolor organization?

A: Not at all. SWS welcomes all forms of water media; watercolor and acrylic as long as watercolor paper, yupo (a plastic paper) and board is used.

Q: Do I have to be a professional artist to join?

A: No, SWS is open to all levels of experience. In fact, we encourage beginners to join to take advantage of all the workshops, demonstrations, paint-outs, and an annual member’s exhibition.

Q: Do you have to be invited by a SWS member to join?

A: This may be a common myth that some people have about SWS. Any one that paints in water media is eligible to be a member as long as a $35 annual membership fee is paid.

Q: Does SWS have a communications system to keep members informed?

A: SWS is proud of its monthly newsletter, the SCENE, that is posted to the website and also mailed to members without computer access. Constant Contact email announcements are also used for communication.

Q: Is there a waiting period of membership before you can enter the Member show?

A: No, you can join, pay your membership and enter all in the same process. And you can do this on our convenient on-line entry process, even pay with PayPal.

Q: Does SWS have a Signature recognition program:

A: Yes, with being accepted to five SWS sponsored shows you can earn a SWS Signature Status.