Oct 02

SWS President’s Award

SWS President's Award Winning watercolor by Cindy Daunis

President’s Award Winning watercolor by Cindy Daunis

Congratulations to Cindy Daunis for winning the first SWS President’s Award for her painting “Zebra Gossip” presented  by the following SWS Presidents (past and present)

Gaylord O’Con   2012-13   2017-18
Naomi Brotherton   1967-68
Gail Delger 2007-08
Bob Voges 1983-84
Joel Sampson 2009-10
Herb Reed    2008-09
Jones McConnell   1992-93  2002-03
Michael Borne  1989-90
Walt Davis   1991-92
Patti Bowler 2010-11
Mickey Archer    2013-14
Ron Bigony 2015-16
Teta Smith  2014-15
Bryce Weigand  2016-17