Oct 11

Painting of the Month Rules Change


SWS Painting of the Month

The SWS Board of Directors
approves and presents
Painting of the Month Rule Change

Starting at the upcoming November 14, 2017 Membership Meeting the Painting of the Month rules will change to include two categories for judging and awards. This change is in response to the SWS membership request to give the beginning and intermediate / non-signature artist an opportunity to compete against similar artist.

Category One will include the non-signature and non-teaching members. These are the beginner and intermediate artist. Category One art will be judged by the membership as usual and will participate in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.

Category Two will include the signature and teaching members. These are the advanced and professional level artist. Category Two art will be judged by the Demo Artist and will participate in one special award. The winning painting will be critiqued for the membership at the end of the meeting by the Demo Artist. In the event there isn’t a demo artist available, a NWS or AWS signature member will judge Category Two.

Please bring your framed or matted paintings as usual. Please cover your signature with tape. Turn your painting into Tom Brown to get a number, as usual. The winners of both categories will be announced at the end of the meeting.

The SWS Board is excited about this new procedure and we hope the SWS Membership finds it more rewarding for everyone.