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Aids to Entering our Membership Exhibition

Welcome to the SWS “Help” Page for members using CaFÉ (Calls for Entry) for the first time or who might be experiencing problems. We recognize that this process may be a little intimidating for those who may not be as experienced in using computers, digital cameras, etc., uploading images, sizing images, etc., etc., etc.
Fortunately, there are tutorial videos available that have been prepared by the CaFÉ folks. Go to the CaFÉ website,, and at the top you will see the main menu bar just under the Cafe logo:

Cafe for artist

Click on the “HOW TO APPLY” menu item and you will see, just under the “Applying to Calls for Entry using CaFÉ”, two links to video. We have provided direct links to those videos below as well:

⦁ Video: ⦁ CaFÉ™ Features
⦁ Video: ⦁ How to Apply

Also on the “How to Apply” page, you will see three numbered paragraphs:

1. Create a CaFÉ profile – this is where you “join” CaFÉ and have your own individual “space” to store your painting images for future use in entering competitions such as ours. Note that there are two links (the orange words, “1 click here,” that will direct you to more information, including FAQs – “Frequently Asked Questions”  1 click here These may provide you all the information you need to complete this phase.

2. Upload work samples into your CaFÉ profile – this is where you upload your images to your “space.” Again, there is additional help in the orange link, “ click here.

3. Apply to Calls! You are now ready to enter our Exhibition, or others that are listed as current calls. Again, hit the “Click here” link to see the entire list. You can set search parameters, such as “Southwestern Watercolor Society,” to limit the information.

Cafe For Artists call for entry


If you click on the “MEDIA PREP” tab, you will find information on the upload options for JPEG (digital photo) image files. At the top of this page, you will find links for more help.

• Upload size options for all media
• Working with committed images and media in portfolio
• Tutorials and digital resources


You want your image to be a faithful representation of your work of art – if you are accepted into our show, your submitted painting must match the image that the Juror viewed and selected to be in the show originally.
Images may be created with a handheld digital or smart phone camera, with a tripod mounted camera, or it can be taken to an imaging company (like many printers nowadays), and scanned. If you have assistance in creating your image, provide the image parameters (JPEG, no smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side, 72 ppi/dpi, and 5 MB maximum) to the person making the original image, or use the online image Editors listed at the bottom of the page on the CaFÉ webpage “MEDIA PREP.”

Cafe For Artists call for entry

If you have additional questions or difficulties, try clicking on the “HELP” tab at the top of the CaFÉ webpage, or contact CaFÉ directly by following the information on the HELP page.

If your issue is not resolved by contacting CaFÉ, email Sharon Giles, SWS Exhibits Committee, at

Bill Johnson
4th Vice President